All good!

Hey Friends! Just a little update with what is going on in my life. I have started working 3 days a week learning about growth and marketing for a start up, lots to learn, and working on some fun projects.  I think there will be some great things I learn that I can bring to the art world :)

Some gradients to clean your eyes with.

Some gradients to clean your eyes with.

2 Days a week I have solidly set aside for solely working on my art. So that means practising, but also heaps of organising, admin stuff, working on this website, finding new gigs, working on grants. Fun stuff! Really pleased that I have structured time in my week to make this happen!

Lastly, THE WEEKEND! So I can see my wonderful friends and family and enjoy what life has to offer, plus work in the evenings at clubs and venues to bring light to the people!

Lets see how this plays out! Stay tuned here for more updates and behind the scenes stuff.

xoxo Rory