Day 1.

Day one! Where to start. Well, today I had lots of emailing back and forward with Keg de Souza about an upcoming project I will be helping on. She has this thing she is made called the gigloo. I told my mum about it, but she didn't believe it was real. I told her to google 'gigloo', but helpful google decided to show results for gigolo.


I am in fact going to be working on an inflatable planetarium!

Here is a picture of the gigloo. As you can see, the gigloo is an inflatable dome made out of small white blocks. The planetarium we are working on is going to be black, and have a different structure... rather than a igloo, block shape, we will be using a shape like you would find on a beach ball. It is my job, to put in lots of little LEDs into the fabric of the planetarium and then wire and code them with arduino. This is going to be so much fun!

Keg originally just wanted the LEDs to flicker and twinkle like stars, but I think it would be awesome if we could do that and more! Since we are already using arduino, the opportunity to expand on it is amazing! The only thing would be to wire them from the start in a particular order, so you could know where all the individual LEDs were. Then you could do really cool animations and other effects. So many possibilities. So yes, that is my next project, but I have to finish these assignments and exams first! :(