Day 10

It is becoming clear to me that doing a 30 day challenge towards the end of uni and during exams is rather a silly thing to do. In any case, here is another post. I am a third of the way through. woot. I have 2 things to say:

1) Gamestudio is some of the worst commercial software ever written and it is an embarrassment that it is what they are teaching us at UOW. Today, my group spent a good amount of time working against the game engine just to make a simple 2D platformer work. Unity is a free engine (I am surprised UOW doesn't already use something they can get for free) that has ample documentation and is used in the industry. Using gamestudio to make a game is like using audacity to make a symphony, or trying to edit avatar using windows movie maker.


2) You should be watching Veep. Really funny show.



Ok, that is it for now. See you again tomorrow!