Day 11+ 12


Digital signs are on! Live. Open to the public. Looking sexy as hell.


This week was spent mainly polishing the digital signage section of MCA NOW. We want to show the public an glimpse of the digital version of the physical space, and how people are interacting with the space, artwork and museum on instagram. Currently we are showing 8 of the latest images uploaded or liked by MCA staff, and the MCA staff are liking images taken at the MCA (tagged with geolocation, #mca, or other relevant tags like #anishkapoor)

It looks really polished now. The fonts have been replaced with the MCA’s default font (its Katarine for those of you who are interested) and the logo is in place, and we have a super sexy grid.


The images that we are showing are in fact a random selection of 8 images from the last 20 images taken and liked. If someone is sitting and watching the screen for ages, each refresh of the screen will look different and have at least some new photos. When the feed is busy, new photos will be seen each time. When the museum is slow, we still have what appears to be a fresh selection of images. I have been putting heaps of effort into getting a image flip for the images to draw the eye, show more images and also give the experience of constantly new and updated images. CSS3 provides some really nice 3D transitions that are also fairly lightweight. So I put a couple of hours into trying to get them to work and finally when I had something looking a bit snazzy we went downstairs to the digital signs to give it a test run. Nadda. Turns out the digital signs are running an older version of firefox that doesn’t support CSS3 so no nice flips for us right now…. I have been working on a ‘fall down’ effect with jquery that hopefully will be implemented next week. It was a bit of a disappointment that I couldn’t get it working this week, but it just means I have to work extra hard next week. On the Wednesday afternoon I did lots of adjustments to the spacing and layout infront of the cafe’s digital screen. I looks really good on the giant displays!