Day 13

It came from the web.

Here is some really cool tape art by a Slovenian design collective called multipraktik. I really like duct tape as a medium to work with (haha... wow... never thought I would type that). It has so many constraints and I do really enjoy working with it. In duct tape stuff I have done before, I have only used one or two colours in stuff before, and I enjoy forcing just the two toned effect. Multipraktik have used a whole bunch of colours of tape and they have gotten some really nice effects


Here is a video of me and some duct tape art I did a while ago based on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #356 (cube without a cube). Currently all my walls are duct tape free, just sitting there waiting for something to be put on them. Another great thing about duct tape is its size. It forces you to work on a large area, often in a more visible space. It is different to a drawing in a book, it is always there, always visible. Anyway, here is some animated duct tape art I found on tumblr..

I don't know who made it, so let me know if you do.



Another thing I found today is this stop motion by Ian Robertson

Kind of reminds me of a video I made almost a year ago.