Day 14

Yesterday afternoon when I should have been studying, I decided to get my creative on. After yesterday's post touched on Sol Lewitt's Cube without a cube, I wanted to take the idea and do something else with it. What if instead of a cube without a cube, it was a cube without a cube without a cube. How many layers of 'without a cube' could I go?

I sketched this down after a few false starts:

What do you see? A cube without a cube with a cube? Or a cube without a cube in a corner of a cube? Try rotating the picture!

So after playing with that, I thought I would try some stuff out with the scanner. Here are some interesting results:

[gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"]

Today I also went to the Illawarra Fly, highly reccomended. Took heaps of nice photos... I'll upload the rest on a day when I don't have anything to blog about :P

But for now, here is a photo of me and my friend Jess.