Day 15 + 16

Double post day! Aren't you lucky?! 'Why didn't you do any posts the last couple of days?' you ask. Well, on Monday night I went and saw Sufjan Stevens, Brynce Dessner and Nico Muhly perform 'Planetarium' as part of Vivid Sydney.

Daniel Boud

It was beautiful. There was a massive orb over the stage that had patterns projected onto it reflecting the mood of the music. One of my favourite parts (apart from just seeing Sufjan himself) was the 7  trombones that were on stage. Such a thick sound, especially when the bass trombones belted low notes.

Here is a video of my 2 favourite songs from the concert:

Monday was also the first day I got to see some light sculptures/ installations of Vivid Sydney. They were all really great! I really loved the projection mapping on the MCA and Customs House. The projection mapping on the Sydney Opera house is kind of interesting, but I'm not really a fan of the woman rolling around the sails. I did really enjoy it though when it looked like the sails were made out of fabric and they were blowing in the wind. This sentiment seemed to be echoed by the people I was with.


On Tuesday I had coffee with Patrick from the Spontaneity Review. We talked about comedy and music and appropriate behaviour of lizard queens. You should read his blog because he is a writer and the reviews are very funny. /plug