Day 18

Hello, so I'm running a touch behind, mainly due to a massive group project due at midnight on Friday, so I'll keep this short. If you go to UOW there is a collective on campus called 'Happy Bellies'. Happy bellies is a vegetarian food collective with plans to have an on campus veggie garden and a student run stall to sell local and organic produce cheaply to students. Currently neither of these is happening thanks to UOW being less than cool, and using student money for things that students don't want....


Today there was a Enviro Art exhibition launch, and all the food was provided by Happy Bellies (which I am a part of, if you didn't guess already).

It was heaps of fun, and the art is really amazing! If you are around UOW you can check it out upstairs in bld 11.

Here is me swapping glasses with a pineapple.



An a completly unrelated note, there is a new Humble Indie Bundle. Go and get some awesome video games! Pay what you want, no DRM, and money goes to charity. (too bad exams are in 1 week!)

Alright, back to this assignment!