Day 22 + 23

Another double post. Yay for doing the challenge while I'm supposed to be doing study! (But as Dom would say, "They don't call it the 30 day challenge for nothing!") Monday night! Aw yeah, partial lunar eclipse. The universe is pretty sweet. Things like the lunar eclipse happen every now and again. Did you know lunar eclipses only happen on a full moon?

Wednesday morning is the transit of Venus, have a look because you will never see it again. Unless time travel is invented before when you die, and that would be pretty sweet. Look here to find out how to look at the sun safely. Don't freaking look straight at the sun.


Here is a playlist I made for a radio show I do called pinknation ( I didn't come up with the name)

Features lots of Amon Tobin and Sufjan Stevens after last week's concerts.

A surprisingly high number of people called in to say that they loved Amon Tobin. Normally we get 0 calls!