Day 30

And we are done! This has been an interesting experiment on doing something for 30 days. It turns out I took a little longer than 30 days, but this is the 30th blog post!  Let's have a quick look back!

Based on amounts of visits per day, Day 14 was the most popular post.

In the last month I have been to 3 concerts, spanning very drastic genres (Classical, Indie-pop, and Electronic), although all at the Sydney Opera House. (Amon Tobin was the best, hands down).

I completed at least 4 major assignments and 1 exam!

And one of my photos was a featured on gizmodo.

Pretty good month if I don't say so myself. Now it's all done, where to next? Well, I will still update this blog when I have something interesting to add, but I think the next thing I will work on is to try and teach myself cinema 4d or unity. Thanks for reading and checking out my blog!