MCA day 5+6

Hello! Welcome back! Yes I have been naughty and haven't updated! But to be fair I was living in a leaky yucky house with no internet.... but now I am living in super nice house with INTERNET!! Hooray for modern technology!


Rainy day at the MCA

Talking of modern technology, I took the above 'cinemagraph' with my new Nokia Lumia 820 (plug! but actually it was given to me under the pretence that I use it so I can sell them) I think its a pretty cool little feature :)

MCA NOW beta

Lots of progress has been made since we last spoke. There is a live version of MCA NOW which is really exciting. After working on a project for a while and seeing few results, having something to show for your hard work is always a great feeling. is now floating around the internet, although there are no links to it (except that one ;) ) It has been really great to show friends and family what I have been working on.

So what is MCA NOW doing? (I love the name: It's very easy to make puns) Well, at the moment it tells you if the museum is currently open or closed, what the weather is doing at the MCA and most excitingly, shows curated feeds for twitter and instagram. Why curated? Well, as we talked about last time, #MCA is full of spam, so now we have an independent twitter feed that is dedicated to NOW. We also have an independent  instagram. We are giving gallery staff (you know, the people that tell you "please don't touch the artworks sir") iPod touches so that they can keep an eye on twitter and instagram for relevant MCA posts to retweet or like. Gallery staff can also contribute content, eg "Check out how busy Kapoor is right now" or upload a photo of something special to instagram. Hopefully this will keep the streams flowing full of fresh content! This also lets the public know about MCA NOW quickly, as gallery staff can talk to guests they see using instagram, and then show them MCA NOW.

Cool stuff!

I am keen to get out into the gallery and do some testing: talk to some guests about what they think of the website, if they would use it, what could be done better and just to see how they go about using the site. I would also like to talk to some gallery staff and see what they think about using the site and what they think of browsing through twitter and instagram to get relevant results.