MCA Day 7, 8, 9 +10

  Things are moving rapidly with MCA NOW, both the twitter and instagram widgets are polished and public, and looking very snazzy! The instagram widget is now super polished and looking quite sexy! Nice round corners and cool colours, and it is working! AND its live! Hooray!


I have been a bit lazy with blog posts, but I have been very busy between internship, work, moving house and playing settlers of catan!


On Tuesday night after work last week, the digital media team from the MCA headed to Sydney town hall to see Sir Tim Burners Lee give a lecture on the web. It was very interesting and he was quite an engaging speaker. The way he talked made it so clear that he was a computer scientist, which is really great! I think he is probably the most well known computer scientist alive today, so it was great to see him talk. He said some great stuff that made me really excited to be a programmer. “Lots of people see computers like white goods, like a fridge. You get one, you bring it hmoe and you fill it with things you like. If you dont have the things you like, or its broken, you get it repaired or buy a new one. This is where computers are different, you can program your comuter to make it do what you want’ - Tim Burners Lee.


After TBL’s talk there was an over crowded panel, and then a surprise projection mapping show on the back wall of the town hall…. It felt really out of place, like a 1990’s rave show that was impressed by PCs being connected to each other.