Hello, So the past couple of weeks I have been working with Keg de Sousa making a PLANETARIUM! As in "What is the coolest thing you can think of?" "Ah, dinosaurs, robots and a planetarium." Well, I am making the third one!

Keg has made this 3m tall and 6m across inflatable dome and we have been putting over 300 LEDs into the material and then soldering wires down to the base of the dome. All the LEDs are being controlled by 3 LOL Shields attached to 3 arduino Unos.

Everything we are using is open source, so we have decided to keep the open source river flowing. I am going to put all the code up as soon as it is done (by the end of the week) and Keg plans to make a zine outlining how the inflatable dome was made.

So the code! The plan is to have all the lights 'twinkle' and then have some constellations light up as one. For the twinkle, I am using the LOLShield's example of greyscale as an example. The lights move across 7 shades of brightness fairly quickly to create the base of the twinkle, and as every change is made, a random light is given a random brightness just to mess things up. This is the part that is working now! (I will put all the code up together, or send me a comment if you really need it now!)

The next step (and what I have been working on all day is making the constellations light up. How I am doing this: giving the constellations a class. They have 2 arrays for x and y positions of leds, and the number of stars in the constellation. Then I just have a constructor and some functions to fade the lights on and off. Simple!

I had a bit of trouble getting the initialisation up and running, but I think I have it sorted out. Code soon! Right I have an array of constellations. A bunch of photos and videos tomorrow. Exciting times!