Still motion

I found this on This Is Colossal, 2,000 tennis balls suspended in the Mustang Art Gallery in Spain. The balls are suspended giving the illusion of a stroboscopic motion. Currently in Media Arts we are studying film, as in the medium of film. I think that this art, while clearly not film, this artwork provides an interesting correlation.

We see a frame by frame play of the movement of the ball bouncing around. While the still photos of this artwork are really interesting, the video above is amazing. I would love to be able to visit this gallery and walk around the balls. One of my favourite parts of The Polynomial is the ability to pause the game and fly around the paused universe. It's kind of like that bit in 'The Matrix' where Neo dodges bullets as the camera flies around him. This gallery would be just like that!

Anyway, check out this really interesting video about strobe lights.