Why Keg is the best...

Why is Keg de Sousa the best person? After working together on a planetarium I gave her the code on a little orange flash drive. I just plugged it in to find...

Puncomplimentusbdrive? Best ever! Also, she has the best dog in Redfern, Dodo.

Here is me and Dodo inside the planetarium that we made.


Hello, So the past couple of weeks I have been working with Keg de Sousa making a PLANETARIUM! As in "What is the coolest thing you can think of?" "Ah, dinosaurs, robots and a planetarium." Well, I am making the third one!

Keg has made this 3m tall and 6m across inflatable dome and we have been putting over 300 LEDs into the material and then soldering wires down to the base of the dome. All the LEDs are being controlled by 3 LOL Shields attached to 3 arduino Unos.

Everything we are using is open source, so we have decided to keep the open source river flowing. I am going to put all the code up as soon as it is done (by the end of the week) and Keg plans to make a zine outlining how the inflatable dome was made.

So the code! The plan is to have all the lights 'twinkle' and then have some constellations light up as one. For the twinkle, I am using the LOLShield's example of greyscale as an example. The lights move across 7 shades of brightness fairly quickly to create the base of the twinkle, and as every change is made, a random light is given a random brightness just to mess things up. This is the part that is working now! (I will put all the code up together, or send me a comment if you really need it now!)

The next step (and what I have been working on all day is making the constellations light up. How I am doing this: giving the constellations a class. They have 2 arrays for x and y positions of leds, and the number of stars in the constellation. Then I just have a constructor and some functions to fade the lights on and off. Simple!

I had a bit of trouble getting the initialisation up and running, but I think I have it sorted out. Code soon! Right I have an array of constellations. A bunch of photos and videos tomorrow. Exciting times!

Day 30

And we are done! This has been an interesting experiment on doing something for 30 days. It turns out I took a little longer than 30 days, but this is the 30th blog post!  Let's have a quick look back!

Based on amounts of visits per day, Day 14 was the most popular post.

In the last month I have been to 3 concerts, spanning very drastic genres (Classical, Indie-pop, and Electronic), although all at the Sydney Opera House. (Amon Tobin was the best, hands down).

I completed at least 4 major assignments and 1 exam!

And one of my photos was a featured on gizmodo.

Pretty good month if I don't say so myself. Now it's all done, where to next? Well, I will still update this blog when I have something interesting to add, but I think the next thing I will work on is to try and teach myself cinema 4d or unity. Thanks for reading and checking out my blog!

Day 28

It's not really day 28, there has been a big gap since I last posted. Family and exams. But this isn't going to be one of those 'sorry for not posting' posts! No no! I have stuff to share! Exams are done and I am putting the finishing touches on my Media work for this semester! Keep an eye out for it tomorrow!

Here is another corrupted gif of me working away on the media project. See yall tomorrow.

Day 27

Currently working on a video for media arts, here is me sitting at my computer doing some final cut work:

All glitchy! I used You Glitch, a cool bit of software art made with open frameworks.

Here is a bit of the video that I'm working on, also in glitchy mode:

Full video is due on tuesday, so hopefully I will have it uploaded soon so you can all have a look!

Day 25 + 26

It came from the web! Because OC is too hard when there is study to be done!

Is holo-tupac new aesthetic? And what is new aesthetic? Watch the video above!


Are you like me and having trouble remembering how different sorts work? Hungarians are here to help!


Are you in need of WTF?


That's all folks!

Day 24

I entered a photography competition over at Gizmodo and it is one of those silly 'get yo friends too vote for it', but voting is super easy, all you have to do is go on over to their site, scroll down to the vote section, and click on the little button next to my name! Make sure you click on Rory McKay not Rory OBrien :)

Yep nice and simple, if you could vote for me it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Day 22 + 23

Another double post. Yay for doing the challenge while I'm supposed to be doing study! (But as Dom would say, "They don't call it the 30 day challenge for nothing!") Monday night! Aw yeah, partial lunar eclipse. The universe is pretty sweet. Things like the lunar eclipse happen every now and again. Did you know lunar eclipses only happen on a full moon?

Wednesday morning is the transit of Venus, have a look because you will never see it again. Unless time travel is invented before when you die, and that would be pretty sweet. Look here to find out how to look at the sun safely. Don't freaking look straight at the sun.


Here is a playlist I made for a radio show I do called pinknation ( I didn't come up with the name)

Features lots of Amon Tobin and Sufjan Stevens after last week's concerts.

A surprisingly high number of people called in to say that they loved Amon Tobin. Normally we get 0 calls!

Day 21

Amon Tobin was the best show I have ever seen.

The music and sounds were so clear and loud, the bass went so low that you could feel rumblings through your body.

The visuals were spectacular too. Completly different to pictures or even videos on YouTube. It was so clear, and all the visual effects were outstanding. There wasn't a single part of the concert that wasn't mind blowing.

The audience was really amazing too, I don't think the opera house has ever seen so many white people with dreads! During the intense parts a few people got up and danced. While I'm glad no one in front of me was standing up dancing, it was great to see people so moved by the music.

One of the greatest shows ever. I had to keep stopping and talking to people after the concert about how good it was.


Day 19 + 20

Day 19 was taken up entirely by finishing a group assignment, but it is all done now! Day 20!! How exciting!


Amon Tobin is tonight!!! Really excited about this! I will give you all the details tomorrow!!

At 9pm tonight, you can watch the show live on youtube here. That's what I'd be doing if I wasnt there in person :)



Day 18

Hello, so I'm running a touch behind, mainly due to a massive group project due at midnight on Friday, so I'll keep this short. If you go to UOW there is a collective on campus called 'Happy Bellies'. Happy bellies is a vegetarian food collective with plans to have an on campus veggie garden and a student run stall to sell local and organic produce cheaply to students. Currently neither of these is happening thanks to UOW being less than cool, and using student money for things that students don't want....


Today there was a Enviro Art exhibition launch, and all the food was provided by Happy Bellies (which I am a part of, if you didn't guess already).

It was heaps of fun, and the art is really amazing! If you are around UOW you can check it out upstairs in bld 11.

Here is me swapping glasses with a pineapple.



An a completly unrelated note, there is a new Humble Indie Bundle. Go and get some awesome video games! Pay what you want, no DRM, and money goes to charity. (too bad exams are in 1 week!)

Alright, back to this assignment!

Day 15 + 16

Double post day! Aren't you lucky?! 'Why didn't you do any posts the last couple of days?' you ask. Well, on Monday night I went and saw Sufjan Stevens, Brynce Dessner and Nico Muhly perform 'Planetarium' as part of Vivid Sydney.

Daniel Boud

It was beautiful. There was a massive orb over the stage that had patterns projected onto it reflecting the mood of the music. One of my favourite parts (apart from just seeing Sufjan himself) was the 7  trombones that were on stage. Such a thick sound, especially when the bass trombones belted low notes.

Here is a video of my 2 favourite songs from the concert:

Monday was also the first day I got to see some light sculptures/ installations of Vivid Sydney. They were all really great! I really loved the projection mapping on the MCA and Customs House. The projection mapping on the Sydney Opera house is kind of interesting, but I'm not really a fan of the woman rolling around the sails. I did really enjoy it though when it looked like the sails were made out of fabric and they were blowing in the wind. This sentiment seemed to be echoed by the people I was with.


On Tuesday I had coffee with Patrick from the Spontaneity Review. We talked about comedy and music and appropriate behaviour of lizard queens. You should read his blog because he is a writer and the reviews are very funny. /plug

Day 14

Yesterday afternoon when I should have been studying, I decided to get my creative on. After yesterday's post touched on Sol Lewitt's Cube without a cube, I wanted to take the idea and do something else with it. What if instead of a cube without a cube, it was a cube without a cube without a cube. How many layers of 'without a cube' could I go?

I sketched this down after a few false starts:

What do you see? A cube without a cube with a cube? Or a cube without a cube in a corner of a cube? Try rotating the picture!

So after playing with that, I thought I would try some stuff out with the scanner. Here are some interesting results:

[gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="rand"]

Today I also went to the Illawarra Fly, highly reccomended. Took heaps of nice photos... I'll upload the rest on a day when I don't have anything to blog about :P

But for now, here is a photo of me and my friend Jess.

Day 13

It came from the web.

Here is some really cool tape art by a Slovenian design collective called multipraktik. I really like duct tape as a medium to work with (haha... wow... never thought I would type that). It has so many constraints and I do really enjoy working with it. In duct tape stuff I have done before, I have only used one or two colours in stuff before, and I enjoy forcing just the two toned effect. Multipraktik have used a whole bunch of colours of tape and they have gotten some really nice effects


Here is a video of me and some duct tape art I did a while ago based on Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #356 (cube without a cube). Currently all my walls are duct tape free, just sitting there waiting for something to be put on them. Another great thing about duct tape is its size. It forces you to work on a large area, often in a more visible space. It is different to a drawing in a book, it is always there, always visible. Anyway, here is some animated duct tape art I found on tumblr..

I don't know who made it, so let me know if you do.



Another thing I found today is this stop motion by Ian Robertson

Kind of reminds me of a video I made almost a year ago.



Day 12

SEGFAULT is the name of the game I have been working on for a couple of weeks and it was completed today. It uses gamestudio, which I ranted about yesterday, but I actually think it turned out ok. Im going to try and share the game with you, but for now, I have some screenshots to show you. Enjoy!